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I saw something back there.

He's certainly generous with his money.

Do you want a ride?

Who doesn't like having their back scratched?

How many windows are there in this office?

We didn't give Wilson a choice.

People used to laugh at him behind his back.

We live in a global village.

What exactly do you want me to say to Page?

I would like you to come with me.

Brendan is good at technical stuff, isn't he?

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Do I have to talk to Johnathan?


He lay at full length on the grass.


Their rude behavior makes me angry.

A man appeared at the site.

I started a new job, and it's been a struggle just to keep my head above the water.

Don't say bad things about others behind their backs.

To tell the truth, it's a pity that you are just wandering around in the world.

The deadline is 2:30 on Monday.

I can get you a glass of water if you like.

Japanese sweets are lower in calories than Western sweets.

I was a little brusque with you before.

I put an advertisement for the new publications in the newspaper.

The fact proves his honesty.

Death is a disgusting thing that nature has to hide, and it does it well.

You don't have to buy anything right now.

Look out for him.

Varda plays basketball well.

Who do I live for?

Pay the cashier on the way out.

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I used to wash my own car.

The colony of Haiti declared its independence in 1804.

The fire brigade was on the scene within five minutes of receiving the call.

I think Marcel said he's already read this book.

Voters may yet reject the misbegotten 'Dream Act'.

Edwin tried to prevent Miriamne from opening the door.

Nothing is the matter with the car. It's just that you are a bad driver.

She got over the shock of her father's death.

I'm very, very, very concerned.

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Don't forget to tell Dawn this.

We saw a small island beyond.

I'm just going to lie down for a minute.

Nate couldn't come because he's sick.

It's possible, isn't it?


We're not friends with Bryce anymore.

You don't have a temperature.

What's your favorite comfort food?

It doesn't cost anything, but it takes time.

I've never seen you in a dress before.

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After finishing the juice, he moved the glass out of the way.

Our governments have become space aliens living among a human population.

He left his students these famous words.

They're immune.

Do as you're told this minute!

Do you really think Sue would help us?

His mind kept running on his dead child.

Arnold didn't know how much he had spent.

You said you wanted to spend time with Jarmo.


In March, many flowers come out.

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The kids suddenly become quiet.

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My brother sometimes helps me with my homework.

Is this Paola's book?

You have the right to remain silent.

A lot of people came to the lecture.

Type this letter for me.


It's the first time I pull Taninna's hair just as she pulls mine!

As a politician, he makes utmost use of his acting ability.

Hurry up, or you'll miss the train.

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Give us a moment alone.

Sanford can do anything he wants to.

She's rich, young and beautiful.

I'm a grandfather.

A good knowledge of numerical analysis, stochastic calculus and programming in C++ is important for a job in banking my lecturer said.

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You argue with us.

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He is about thirty.

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Do you know how many there are?


Her dog is not so much faithful as tame.

All of a sudden, he spoke out.

He is merciless.

I am not sure why he asked me that.

Where a woman rules, bad is the end.


It's scary down here.


It was an honor.

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Dave is unusually talkative tonight.

The two countries negotiated a treaty.

I'm extremely confident.

I met her late in the evening.

The United States is the only highly developed nation that does not require employers to provide paid vacation time.


We have to set up the tent in the shade of that tree.


I had something else on my mind.

Prove me wrong.

I'd like it if you would keep an eye on Fletcher.

I know where you dwell.

She decorated the wall with pictures.


Mike always remains calm.

Niall should get back inside.

Many rivers have been so polluted that they can no longer be used for drinking water.

The Dow Jones average posted a gain of two points today.

Computer games are a way for him to pass time.

They elected John the captain of the team.

I often feel homesick.

Saumya often wears revealing clothes.

I use "Yahoo" to browse the internet.

You don't have to be discouraged because you are not a genius.

I hope you've learned your lesson.

I'm sure Harry will want to take all the credit.

Iron is a useful metal.

He trusted his defense attorney.

I live at 517, das Torres Street, Madrid, Spain.

Autistic children never get bored.

Let Clarence stay home.


I can't lie to them.

Moor the ship at the pier.

Paper is patient. It can be a long time from the planning stage till the execution of a project. Not everything agreed on paper will be respected and accomplished. There is much written down that is wrong.


Before bearing fruit, orange trees blossom with a flower called an "azahar".


The bus is at the bus station.


I am going to return this sweater because it's too big.

She is very hardworking.

Jitendra wants to eat some ice cream.


It's already decided.

Happy Birthday, Romania!

It changed my life.

He is fluent in English.

We suck.

May I feel these?

Unfortunately, Lorien couldn't know that Mitchell had already decided everything and only waited for an opportunity to let her know about it.

Howard doesn't have anything.

Anyway, if it just stops raining, then we might be able to go out.

Now get moving.

We'd like to consider that.

I still have a lot of questions I want to ask.

I got there early and was able to get a seat in front.

Vance wanted to fight.

Where does she live now?

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Jess is like my brother.


God is.


You don't even know what it is.

Have you reached a decision?

Catherine is an unknown artist.


What do you want to do that for?

Let's get the party rolling.

Anne doesn't believe Frederic. He thinks she's lying.

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My cellphone beeps if the battery is running low.


I don't want Maria to know about this yet.


I neither drink nor smoke.

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My younger brother can run about as fast as I can.

Fire is without mercy.

She sent her son for a doctor.


I find the plan to be unsatisfactory in several ways.

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Elizabeth kissed Matti and she slapped him.


She still depends on her parents.


He's a wealthy man.

Byron was a graphic designer before he became a teacher.

I have to breast-feed my baby.

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Sorrel was lonely and he wished he had someone to talk to.


Randy told me that he'd lost his watch.

He mistook me for my mother.

He is no more foolish than you are.